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MQXL34 <a href="">dfuaxvgtlyje</a>, [url=]jbvkxaszzeuu[/url], [link=]bdjzijyoqbqt[/link],

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Known Problems (All Versions):

  161 7/2/00 Open specifying a user_nick too long causes confusion
  158 10/11/99 Open some servers dont allow multiple recipiants
  170 12/09/03 Open queue remaining times dont take into consideration maxtransfersperperson

Short Term Features:

  165 02/03/01 Open specify more than one type of plist for a single channel with different times
  150 01/30/01 Open keep track of how long its been since on a server and/or on a channel
  141 11/12/00 Open send credit line when sending packs
  138 7/16/00 Open compress old logs
  135 4/22/00 Open let (queued) users request dcc list
  173 12/09/03 Open resend dcc send message if user doesn't connect
  175 12/09/03 Open sort by name listing
  177 12/09/03 Open dont join channels until nickserv has authenticated iroffer
  181 12/09/03 Open xdcc list display estimated time until queue slot opens up
  189 12/09/03 Open configurable to disable all stats
  193 12/09/03 Open different lowbdwth for day and night speeds
  194 12/09/03 Open send note to user on get of file
  199 12/12/03 Open dont enforce minspeed if there are free slots
  201 1/19/04 Open configurable to set how aggressive auto-ignore is
  204 2/2/04 Open configurable to cover both maxqueueditemsperperson and maxtransfersperperson
  207 4/02/04 Open md5sum uploads
  214 7/17/04 Open invite into channel using chanserv

Long Term Features:

  127 12/14/00 Open individual slotsmax for each pack
  123 10/21/99 Open lock console with password
  148 01/01/01 Open channel file for dynamic channels, read in like another config file and written by admin commands
  190 12/09/03 Open different bandwidth limiting for each day of the week
  209 4/25/04 Open DCC2 support
  210 5/3/04 Open hostmasks that bypass queue
  211 6/8/04 Open (auto) resend on lost connection instead instead of going to next queued user
  213 7/17/04 Open allow multiple uploaddirs>

Not going to happen anytime soon:

  115 long ago Deferred fserve
  114 3/2/00 Deferred multiple files per pack
  113 1/2/00 Deferred different packs for different plist channels
  112 1/2/00 Deferred multi-language support  
  111 12/3/99 Deferred exec a shell command
  129 12/5/00 Deferred built-in identd server for windows
  171 12/09/03 Deferred online config file editor
  176 12/09/03 Deferred customize xdcc list output
  182 12/09/03 Deferred MIRC style dccserver support
  183 12/09/03 Deferred SOCKS4/5 support
  198 12/09/03 Deferred Windows service